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Got a Great Pair of Man Boobs?


One thing a man doesn't want is to grow a pair of breasts as if he were a woman. This is a socially embarrassing condition that is probably much more common than you think. It is an actual medical condition, that many men affected by it don't even know they have (because they are overweight and just assume it is part of the package).


There are two possible medical causes for man boobs, Gynecomastia or Pseudogynecomastia. Which type you have determines what course of action is best for effective treatment. It's critical that you figure out which type you have, because the treatments are very different.


Gynecomastia is common during adolescence. It occurs by a combination of:



Increase in Estrogen


Decrease of Testosterone


Most teenagers who experience this simply grow out of it, but some don't.


There are other causes of unwanted man boobs however, including weight gain when you have a predisposition to accumulate the extra weight in your chest. This is common for men who used to bench press but stopped many years ago.


Also, some medications are known to bring on the dreaded man boob condition, including:








There are other possible medical conditions behind the problem as well; for example a thyroid condition.


Whatever the reason is behind your having grown breasts, it is important that you properly diagnose and treat it. Sporting a pair of man boobs can result in low self esteem that seeps out into other areas of your life, whether you realize it or not. We urge you to explore this website and pursue the resources here, so you can take your shirt off in public with confidence again.



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